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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Sasuke !!!!!!!!!!

Been freaking out all day.........

About eight years ago , I was sitting in my living room in the UK just flicking through the TV Channels , when I came across something that made me sit up wide eyed and jaw opened.

I was witnessing the Japanese TV Show Ninja Warrior for the first time.. ( Previously called Sasuke). The obstacles were big and bold, the athletes tough and fearless. I was hooked.... How can normal everyday guys actually do these super human things ? What kind of dedication does it take to do this....???  And more importantly ..... Where the hell can I do it !!!?!??!

For those of you who have never heard of Ninja Warrior , Sasuke or even American Ninja Warrior.. ( really ?? )  .. Here's a link to the 1st Sasuke Series Promo here in Malaysia ( 2011)

It turns out that the original Sasuke is now making a come back in Asia .. and today I got the news that I have been accepted to try out for the qualifiers on the 21st Feb 2014......

WHAT ? ARE YOU KIDDING ME ?????  Like I have been saying to anyone and everyone all day .....  Shit just got real.

 I am super pumped and ready to try out something that I have been dreaming about doing for years.

All I want to do  is to compete, I highly doubt I have any chance in winning... but just getting out on the course will be a victory in my eyes.

Sasuke training starts now ... ( secretly started a few weeks ago when I applied but don't tell anyone! :P).

I will track my progress , the what, where and how , so please join in, comment or just give me some feedback. Look forward to training with fellow  :)

I need to step up my game and push myself harder than I have before.

Here's a link to a circuit that I have been doing quite regularly  to build up hand strength, upper back and core strength.... ( Key components for obstacle runners).

My training is going to consist of :
1) Calisthenics ( lots of bar work)
2) Rope work
3) Parkour
4) Sprint training
5) Compound Weight Training

Will post more vids as and when ....... Wish me luck guys !!!!!


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  2. Super circuit man....careful not to break the bar or somethin~~hehe

  3. good stuff mate, more circuit vids!