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Friday, 29 November 2013

Short on time ? 25 Min workout!

Quick 25 min workout!

5 min warm up :
  1. Jumping jacks
  2. Running on the spot
  3. Shadow boxing\kick boxing

Today I really wanted to work on two exercises that have dropped since my illness, push ups and burpees.

Push ups
45 seconds standard push ups
30 second rest
30 second wide push ups
30 second rest
15 second ballistic (jumpin) push ups

repeated 3 times

10 standard burpees
10 Single arm ( right) burpees
10 Single arm ( left ) burpees
10 chest to ground burpees
10 Single leg ( right) burpees
10 Single leg ( left) burpees
10 flying burpees

30 sec rest in between each set

Killer !

Monday, 11 November 2013

Rejuvenated, Rehabilitated, Reassimilated !!!!

11th November,  I was supposed to finish this section of my blog 2-3 weeks back with a positive recovery message and saying how great it was to be back.

But things did not go as planned , and I ended up back in hospital on an IV fluid drip with medical professionals ( and friends ) concerned that I had a serious disease. Possible suspects ranging from Dengue to a possible heart related issues.

Convinced blogging was somehow prolonging any recovery ( bad luck, Karma , self prophecy? ) I decided to lay low and only come back on when I am back to 100% and ready to deliver what this blog was intended to do.

I am not going to go into details of what happened for the reasons mentioned above. I am healthy and I want to remain that way :P.

Key things I have learnt have started to follow :

1) Everyone needs rest ! Even though you may feel ok in the short term, lack of rest slows down your recovery. Get your 7hrs in !

2) Drink more water. I was rubbish at this, only drinking water during meal times and working out, this was no where near enough and have made it a regular schedule to stay hydrated 2-3 litres a day.

Since being discharged from hospital I have so far managed : Tough Mudder (20k), 2XU ( 15k) , Wild Tiger Run ( 10k +3k Fun Run recovery :P ) and Salomon Trail Run (10K).

I took all at a comfortable pace and have zero set backs ,  no fever or other viral type symptoms which is really great for me as I look to get back to my fitness level of Mid 2013.

Big shout out to my new cousin :P Mindy Gill. If it wasn't for her I wouldn't even know I was as sick and could be lying on the side of the road during a race somewhere. Words cannot express my gratitude

Last but not least my wife Masrina Husain who's support throughout really helped me get through this . Never once did she complain about the addtional work she had to do as well as putting up with a grumpy little boy who wasnt allowed to play outside.

So I leave you now with a pic of where I am now .. for comparison of what I will hopefully get back to!

Some of you may think I actually ok but from where I was, I have lost alot of muscle and tone which to me equals loss of strength and lack of fitness :( .
So my next few goals :
1) Get back my running fitness
2) Improve my Body Weight Endurance Performance
3) Get Stronger !!
My posts will be much shorter and more fitness orientated now so feel free to drop my questions or comments below. If you want to start this journey with me .. feel free !!!