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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Burpee Blast ... 1st Attempt !

Just came back from Singapore to take part in the inaugural Commando Challenge. The event itself wasn't as intense as anticipated and the amount of food consumed on the drive down and on the way back ( My passengers .. were extremely good guests !!! .. Cup cakes, croissants .. CARB Overload!) made me very anxious that I need to do something drastic today to kick my own ass for being so weak around delicious pastries !!!

210 Burpee  Madness !!!!

Initially I was aiming for 300 but that was not going to happen, so made it 210.... room for improvement !!!

  1. 30 Push Up  Burpees
  2. 30 Surfer Burpees
  3. 30 Single Leg Push Up Burpees ( Right Leg)
  4. 30 Single Leg Push Up Burpees ( Left Leg)
  5. 30 Single Arm Push Up Burpees ( 5 and then switch arms)
  6. 30 Flying Burpees
  7. 30 Bench Jump over Push Up Burpees 
Total time : 59 min

I took rests of 30 secs when required and allowed myself 3 2 min breaks.

Time will improve and when it does .. will knock it up to 300 with some other variety of burpees.

It sucked but I am sure the pastry evilness is slowly leaving my body :)

Post a comment if you want to know more if you want a video demo.

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