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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Burpee Blast ... 1st Attempt !

Just came back from Singapore to take part in the inaugural Commando Challenge. The event itself wasn't as intense as anticipated and the amount of food consumed on the drive down and on the way back ( My passengers .. were extremely good guests !!! .. Cup cakes, croissants .. CARB Overload!) made me very anxious that I need to do something drastic today to kick my own ass for being so weak around delicious pastries !!!

210 Burpee  Madness !!!!

Initially I was aiming for 300 but that was not going to happen, so made it 210.... room for improvement !!!

  1. 30 Push Up  Burpees
  2. 30 Surfer Burpees
  3. 30 Single Leg Push Up Burpees ( Right Leg)
  4. 30 Single Leg Push Up Burpees ( Left Leg)
  5. 30 Single Arm Push Up Burpees ( 5 and then switch arms)
  6. 30 Flying Burpees
  7. 30 Bench Jump over Push Up Burpees 
Total time : 59 min

I took rests of 30 secs when required and allowed myself 3 2 min breaks.

Time will improve and when it does .. will knock it up to 300 with some other variety of burpees.

It sucked but I am sure the pastry evilness is slowly leaving my body :)

Post a comment if you want to know more if you want a video demo.

Friday, 29 November 2013

Short on time ? 25 Min workout!

Quick 25 min workout!

5 min warm up :
  1. Jumping jacks
  2. Running on the spot
  3. Shadow boxing\kick boxing

Today I really wanted to work on two exercises that have dropped since my illness, push ups and burpees.

Push ups
45 seconds standard push ups
30 second rest
30 second wide push ups
30 second rest
15 second ballistic (jumpin) push ups

repeated 3 times

10 standard burpees
10 Single arm ( right) burpees
10 Single arm ( left ) burpees
10 chest to ground burpees
10 Single leg ( right) burpees
10 Single leg ( left) burpees
10 flying burpees

30 sec rest in between each set

Killer !

Monday, 11 November 2013

Rejuvenated, Rehabilitated, Reassimilated !!!!

11th November,  I was supposed to finish this section of my blog 2-3 weeks back with a positive recovery message and saying how great it was to be back.

But things did not go as planned , and I ended up back in hospital on an IV fluid drip with medical professionals ( and friends ) concerned that I had a serious disease. Possible suspects ranging from Dengue to a possible heart related issues.

Convinced blogging was somehow prolonging any recovery ( bad luck, Karma , self prophecy? ) I decided to lay low and only come back on when I am back to 100% and ready to deliver what this blog was intended to do.

I am not going to go into details of what happened for the reasons mentioned above. I am healthy and I want to remain that way :P.

Key things I have learnt have started to follow :

1) Everyone needs rest ! Even though you may feel ok in the short term, lack of rest slows down your recovery. Get your 7hrs in !

2) Drink more water. I was rubbish at this, only drinking water during meal times and working out, this was no where near enough and have made it a regular schedule to stay hydrated 2-3 litres a day.

Since being discharged from hospital I have so far managed : Tough Mudder (20k), 2XU ( 15k) , Wild Tiger Run ( 10k +3k Fun Run recovery :P ) and Salomon Trail Run (10K).

I took all at a comfortable pace and have zero set backs ,  no fever or other viral type symptoms which is really great for me as I look to get back to my fitness level of Mid 2013.

Big shout out to my new cousin :P Mindy Gill. If it wasn't for her I wouldn't even know I was as sick and could be lying on the side of the road during a race somewhere. Words cannot express my gratitude

Last but not least my wife Masrina Husain who's support throughout really helped me get through this . Never once did she complain about the addtional work she had to do as well as putting up with a grumpy little boy who wasnt allowed to play outside.

So I leave you now with a pic of where I am now .. for comparison of what I will hopefully get back to!

Some of you may think I actually ok but from where I was, I have lost alot of muscle and tone which to me equals loss of strength and lack of fitness :( .
So my next few goals :
1) Get back my running fitness
2) Improve my Body Weight Endurance Performance
3) Get Stronger !!
My posts will be much shorter and more fitness orientated now so feel free to drop my questions or comments below. If you want to start this journey with me .. feel free !!!


Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Feels like I am going round in circles.

Its been about 10 days since my last post.... during this time I have come full circle which is very very frustrating.

Will start the story at the weekend of the 21st September, stitches still in and the course of antibiotics successfully completed. Slightly disappointed that I am not taking part in the Reebok Challenge but knowing my stitches are coming out soon , there was a small possability that I could take some part in the Stan Chart Marathon...... ( very optomistic I know!).

Saturday morning, I noticed I had slight pain in my left arm pit ( this was only identified when wifey very kindly poked me ...I forget why). It hurt like hell but I put it down (initially) as just one of these things, an unpoked place recieving some attention?

As the day went on the pain became worse and I started getting a similar pain in the other arm pit. I immediately reached for Google. I had a suspicion that there was something in the nodal system that sits in there ( since my absess I have become obsessed with Lymph node diagrams ). Sure enough, there is something called an Axillary Lymph node that sits under there.

I decided not to panic but to ask my doctor friends what I should do , both advised caution ie if it gets worse get my ass to A&E.  So i patiently monitored through to Sunday.

I woke up on Sunday morning , immediately glued to Facebook to see how all my friends did in the Reebok Challenge, and sure enough ( and annoyingly) they all had a blast and some even managing PBs for 19-20K despite the obstacles.

I then noticed I couldnt lift my arms higher than mid range without being in excrutiating pain. Off to A&E I went, where i sat and had to retell my sage to at least 2-3 people before being seen by the "chief Medical Officer" unsure if he is a doctor or glorified nurse but anyway... I retell my story.

He feels around in my armpits and tells me something that brought back a hint if de ja vous. "Well it's not cancer".   I know I should be thankful but why is this always the default answer instead of ... "I am not sure , we should run more tests "?

So bottom line, more antibiotics prescribed and off I was sent. I wasn't too concerned as the next day was my usual daily dressing change with my surgeon doctor.

"I wouldn't worry too much about the nodes in your armpits",  Surgeon doctor stated, " It's probably just a secondary reaction but will clear up with the new meds but your wounds are healing nicely. I am confident we can take out the stitches on Friday !"

Music to my ears, instantly forgetting about the dismissive nature for my aching pits!

Friday comes, I have planned a light session of squats in the gym that evening in the hope that positive thinking will get me through this unscathed.

One by one , the stitches are yanked and cut and it hurts like buggery ! The wounds have healed but I have holes akin to a laced shoe in my hand and arm. What was I thinking ?  Gym ??????
I slowly drive home , one armed with my chin dragging along the floor knowing that if I still have holes in my arm... I cannot run the marathon that weekend.

Begrudgingly I gave away my bib , focussing now on the Spartan race which is a week later. I figured, stitch holes should be quick to heal right ?    WRONG

Sunday morning , I awake , again glued to FB checking out my friend's posts about the marathon trawling through the pics and commenting on how well people did. ( Again annoyingly lol ! )
I glanced down at my arm and I see, residue on the bandages......... instantly I know what this means. Infection is back ........... I avoid thinking about it for the rest of the day and focus on the next day for the dressing change and assessment. By the way , armpit pain had now returned again.

Sigh... now we come to Monday, I woke up late due to constant worrying the night before which meant that I had to wait a long time to see the doctor. When the bandages came off, it was a mess.
a stitch hole was swollen, red and weeping. (I felt like weeping too). 

"where did this come from?" He exclaimed, " Are you still on those antibiotics?"

"They ran out two days ago", I replied. "And my armpits are hurting again".

After a whole heap of squeezing to extract all the evil fluid out, he then proceeded to make the hole bigger with a pair of sterile plastic tongs . I can't describe the pain but u can imagine  it wasnt a picnic for me. 

" I think we should admit you"...
"Erm, I am kind of going on holiday on Wednesday",
"Shit, how long are you going to be away",
"10 days",
"OK , I am going to get you some meds for 10 days then we need to reassess".

So now, I still have some sort of infection and the small stitch hole is now a 1-2 cm wide.....
Spartan was looking very very far away.

That afternoon, I needed to make a decision. People still don't know what is wrong with me, Spartan is out but could I even travel? What happens if travelling makes me worse ? Worst case scenario, I get admitted in hospital in Australia ... its not gonna be cheap, and not much fun for my wife.

I called up the doctor and told him I have cancelled my trip and that I want to be referred to a physician. He duely agreed and made arrangements for Tuesday afternoon.

Today is Tuesday, zero sleep due to armpit agony and  open wound pain. I get to the hospital, with bags packed in case they want to admit me again. 

Bandages off, surprise surprise ... more puss. My doctor is now very confused, 
"Do you think we should be doing blood tests?" I enquired,
"But your cultures came back negative",   ( I think that meant no)

Anyway  I didnt argue as I knew i had another appointment with someone else.

I wait 3 hours before my other appointment and as I sit in front of my new doctor I recant my tale of woe, reciting all the different types of antibiotics I have been on ( 4 of them !).  The new doctor is someone I am familiar with as he treated my wife previously.

He patiently listens in silence, making the occasional note here and there and referring to previous sheets to see if my information tallies with his. He then asks " Did anyone take cultures of the new infection",  I shook my head.  "Oh, we need that to find out what could be the cause".

This sounds like Medicine 1on1 and I was feelin slightly  frustrated that this hadnt been done previously.  He ponders for a moment and then says " I am concerned that you may have Psuedo.. pseudo.. mallei".    Was this suppose to mean something to me ?

He then swivels his chair towards his computer and launches ..... Google. Typing Psuedom he gets what he has been searching for..  "pseudomonas pseudomallei !" he triumphantly announces.

As we both review the Wiki page ( Really ? This is what I am paying for?) it looks like a good candidate but I didnt experience the high fever or the severe coughing.... yet .

"The medicine you are on , should do the trick if this is what you have but we need to get a sample of the puss to be sure".

So here we are ... 4 events to be missed , 1 holiday cancelled and still no confirmed idea of what the hell is wrong with me.....  All I can do is be positive, take the meds and make sure I eat properly to give my body every chance of fighting this infection.

Tomorrow is a new day, let's see what happens... . Tough Mudder end of October... not even gonna think about it.... yet ;).

Thursday, 19 September 2013

On the Mend !

Friday 20th September, went to the hospital today as per normal for the last week or so.
Daily dressing changes so that the doc can see how my healing is progressing. But today was
a special day, lab results are due back from samples taken during the operation.

Slightly aprehensive but eager to know what the hell caused my infection. The nurse takes off
my dressings and gives an approving nod to the lack of any discharge on my bandages. I hear
the familiar beeps as the doctor punches in  the code to enter the treatment room.

"Your test results are back!" he exclaims as he walks through the door, "And it's good news !
 You don't have cancer!"


"Erm, I wasn't even sure that cancer was on the table?"

"Oh yes but I didn't want to alarm you, it was just an absess caused by an infection but
 nothing grew in the samples so I doubt it was any form of malicious bacteria".

I still have more questions than answers  such as ,

How do I know all the bacteria has gone ? Will I get more lymphnode swellings?
Is my English immune system too crap for Malaysia?


I suppose I need to take the positives and see what happens moving forward. Let's try and get
 back to some kind of normal life.

One step at a time Rajie....
Stitches come out next week !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

What's doesn't kill you ......can frustrate the hell out of you!

So I created this blog a while ago cos I wanted to share the weird and wonderful training regimes I followed. Mainly to show people that you can mix it up not only to  benefit all the fitness conditions but also it's more fun !

Sadly my first blog will be about one of the most frustrating weeks of my life and to work as a warning to all the Gung Ho people out there ( Malaysians use the word Kiasu ? ) that working out hard is good but you have to take care of yourselves too !

This is what I looked like last week,

Now this wasn't due to an accident ( well not directly) , this was actually due to a blood infection that was not properly dealt with for nearly a month. Two days recovering in hospital, drugged up and given 2/3 syringes full of antibiotics twice a day.

How did all this happen? Well it all started out at a well known obstacle race ( I won't name it cos I dont want to attribute any blame to it or the organisers ).  "Helping out" at one of the obstacles didn't really pan out too well and I ended up covered in cuts on my head, hands, arms and legs. These were all cut from stones in very muddy water. Alarm bells should have been ringing in my head but being stubborn, I carried on which allowed my wounds to continue to contaminate.

I washed off as best I could ( just washing away the mud ) and made my way home, where I got a rocket up the ass from my wife for not being more careful. Her "persistance" meant that we went straight to the clinic but being a Sunday our usual clinic wasn't open. Luckily ( or maybe not?) another clinic over the street was open so we headed there.

Now here was another alarm bell that should have gone off. People, if a doctor is busy reading his emails whilst he is diagnosing you .... nothing he says should be taking seriously as he is clearly not paying full attention to you.  He told me my wounds were fine and that I cleaned them really well and just to leave them to heal ..and the usual " do you want painkillers ? "  Due to the fact that  I am not great at clinics , I just wanted to leave and took his blessing at face value.

This is how my hand looked on the first day .

My hand and my leg started to get worse, despite best efforts to clean, with iodine and covering it where possible. I stopped instructing bootcamp and training anywhere it would come into contamination. But I started to find puss collecting under my wounds. Again I just assumed it would be ok, kept trying to clean it where possible.

Fast forward 2 weeks and I had landed in the UK to visit my parents. Wounds still no where near healed and I noticed a small lump on the underside of my left arm. I figured while I was in the UK, it was best get it checked out again.  One look from the Triage nurse and she instantly said, " You should have had stitches" ( referring to my leg)  and "your hand is severely infected". A short course of antibiotics and more patches and off I went. The lump was advised to be monitored.

One week later flying back to Malaysia my hand was in agony during the flight and  I felt something funny in my other arm which turned out to be another lump next to the inside of my right elbow. This one was softer and more painful. Another trip to the doctor was on the cards.   My Doctor worked hard on my hand wound and leg, cleaning out the puss  and applying iodine. More antibiotics prescribed.  I showed her my lumps and again was told to "monitor".

My hand now looked like this !

Sleepless nights ( Jetlag I assumed ?) and training prep for my upcoming races meant i always felt tired but I put this down to still not being climatised again. The final straw came after after doing a session of should presses and push ups. Trying to get to sleep was more dificult than normal and I knew I had to as Interval training began at 5.20am the next day. My arm started feeling funny and the lump near the elbow and grown. I cancelled the running when I realised I would not get enough sleep at around 4am but then still could not sleep as my arm was now in constant agony.

Pottered around the condo until I literally fell asleep , woke up at 10 am and then promptly went back to the doctor. She now had a blank look and was sligthly lost for words.  I knew it was serious when I went to the specialist on the same day and everything he said and wrote was surrounded by the word  "URGENT " especially considering the constant fever I had been experiencing for the past few days.

I had what is called Septicimia or Sepsis, which had caused an infection at a lymph node in my arm. The infection fluid needed to be drained immediately.. here's my elbow before I went under ( notice the redness as well ?)

Admitted and operated on within a 12hr period. Elbow drained and hand "debrided" and stitched up to prevent further infection.

The incision on the elbow was left open to allow any excess puss to drain out, although this is advised to be the best approach, it will ultimately mean a slower recovery time as the hole is being kept open for longer :(

I am not normally a squimish person , I dont pass out or vomit at the sight of blood but when I saw my arm for the first time after the operation and then when the doctor pulled out gauze from inside my wound ( akin to a magician's hanky) I wanted to do both.

 What has followed is almost a week of complete frustration. I'm  not able to shower, shave, eat dress without some sort of assistance or pain.  Training is and will be completely out of question for the next few weeks which considering I have 2 marathons, 3 Obstacle races and and throw in a few 10k, 15k races too is pretty heartbreaking for me.

So why am I writing this ?  I guess venting helps ? Writing down what had happened I guess makes me come to terms and acknowledge where I am and accept the fact that I need to slow down and heal otherwise I may be out for longer than I need to.

The most frustrating part is that I could be training and getting excited about my first race on Sunday if I had not ignored the warnings, or exercised better judgement. The things that you don't see are the ones that you need to watch out for.
So my advice :

If you cut yourself somewhere where there is likely to be a large amount of contamination eg a  muddy field, water, construction etc...... Do not carry on !! Stop as soon you can and get immediate medical attention. Wounds may look clean but best to get a professional to check it out ASAP. Do not ignore slow healing, this could be a symptom of something that is not quite right under the surface.

I have promised wifey that I will be more careful in the future and I guess I have to ... I dont want to sit on the side lines and watch the world go by on Facebook.  Play hard but do not ignore your body when it needs you to listen !