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Monday, 3 February 2014

Advanced Bodyweight Workout :Ladders !

Just Sharing my latest obsession !  Ladder workouts.

These are great high density workouts which will definitely burn a shed load of calories, improve your VO2 Max , allows you to practice newer exercises that you may not be too confident with and most importantly .. THEY ARE NOT BORING!!!!

Due to the load that you will be put yourself through, I wouldn't advise doing this more than once every 2 weeks. Gives you time to recover....

But you can always break it down into smaller ladders and do it more frequently :  go nuts :)

Great thing about ladder workouts are that they can always be different , you decide what exercise to do and how many times ..

Have fun .. drop any questions below :)


  1. Great work out! I was able to complete a lot of the task in the workout. Treadmill, Superman pushup (girl style), Burpee, Windshield Wipers (couldn't do it on the bar but on the floor, felt it) and squats. My goal is to complete all the items in a month :)

  2. Great start .. and a good goal as a target ! :) Keep it up .. let me know how you get in at the end of the month :)

  3. the video proves that you're not human.