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Thursday, 19 September 2013

On the Mend !

Friday 20th September, went to the hospital today as per normal for the last week or so.
Daily dressing changes so that the doc can see how my healing is progressing. But today was
a special day, lab results are due back from samples taken during the operation.

Slightly aprehensive but eager to know what the hell caused my infection. The nurse takes off
my dressings and gives an approving nod to the lack of any discharge on my bandages. I hear
the familiar beeps as the doctor punches in  the code to enter the treatment room.

"Your test results are back!" he exclaims as he walks through the door, "And it's good news !
 You don't have cancer!"


"Erm, I wasn't even sure that cancer was on the table?"

"Oh yes but I didn't want to alarm you, it was just an absess caused by an infection but
 nothing grew in the samples so I doubt it was any form of malicious bacteria".

I still have more questions than answers  such as ,

How do I know all the bacteria has gone ? Will I get more lymphnode swellings?
Is my English immune system too crap for Malaysia?


I suppose I need to take the positives and see what happens moving forward. Let's try and get
 back to some kind of normal life.

One step at a time Rajie....
Stitches come out next week !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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